Tuesday, 27 June 2017

A Post Pregnancy Girdle can Reduce Swelling and Provide Support

Get Back in Your Pre-Pregnancy Shape Faster

Using a post pregnancy girdle is of great help for women who want to get back to their pre pregnancy shape faster and more comfortably. 

The compression provided by an after pregnancy girdle:
       Reduces water retention.
       Assists with lymphatic drainage.
       Improves posture.
       Supports abdominal muscles.

It’s important to research post pregnancy girdles to make sure it’s right for you. If you have already added one to your list or you’re about to buy one, then you’re on the right track to a successful recovery.

When to Start Wearing Her Post Pregnancy Girdle

Women should start using their post pregnancy girdle 2-5 days after giving birth. This varies depending on the type of delivery. Generally women who deliver their baby naturally are able to wear their post pregnancy girdle sooner than women who deliver via C section.

How Long Should the Girdle be Worn? 


After your baby is born, it’s recommended to wear a post pregnancy girdle for approximately six months for best results. During the first 6 months postpartum the pregnancy hormone, Relaxin remains active in a postpartum woman’s body. 

The main role of Relaxin is to allow a woman’s body to stretch and accommodate their baby during pregnancy. The time during which Relaxin lingers in the body a woman continues to feel soft and “stretched out”. Wearing a belly binder gives support and makes for a more effective recovery. 

There are many types of cosmetic belly binders which are not truly meant to be used postpartum. Choosing a medical-grade post pregnancy girdle will give you a more comfortable and safe postpartum recovery experience. 

Gone are the days of uncomfortable and unsafe belly binders. Modern technology has allowed for significant improvements to post pregnancy girdles making them much easier to use and deliver fast and effective outcomes. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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